Recruitment of IT developers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
Hiring of IT developers for your company (developers, team leads, CTO, CIO, product and project managers)
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About us
Specialized IT-recruiting agency that can find you any kind of IT- developers.
Our primary focus is the recruitment of IT developers for companies around the globe (with a possibility of relocation). We are professionals in the recruitment market in CIS countries.
Our main task is not only to find proper candidates but also to connect them with your company and go through the hiring process.
Our working method is unique since we use a special daily-updated database which allows us to speed up the process and find specialists faster than anyone else.
What kind of specialists do we select?
Full Stack
Team Lead
iOS Developers
Android Developers
Solidity Developers
CTO (Project Manager)
IT Developers
What's the secret of finding the employees for our customers?
We use active sourcing in social networks, forums, professional communities. By doing so, it is now definitely possible to find high-level IT developers from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, who can onboard your project immediately.

What's the hiring process for your company through us?
We know where your future employees work right now.
We have our own database of CIS-countries IT developers.
We know how to make your new employee work for you for a long time if not a lifetime.
You are charged only for those candidates that you are ready to make a job offer.
Our cases
The hiring of a worldwide international team
International consulting company with 24 languages in 15 different countries, work seven days a week, All employees are required to sign an NDA for $ 1 million, salary is provided in cryptocurrency. The task is to form a strong team of specialists.
Keeping silent about these factors is useless, therefore, the presentation part of the company is crucially important. Weaknesses had to be presented as strengths.
200 employees were hired, the necessary documents were signed.
Golang Developer for bank
It was necessary to find a Golang Developer in the state structure to keep to the budget and to harmonize it at all levels. The vacancy was granted two weeks to close.
Offer more favorable terms to the developer from another large company. The recruiter at the initial interview professionally identified the needs and motivation of the developer.
The job offer was successfully signed!
SRE engineer for a large company
SRE engineers are in high demand nowadays and there is a shortage of such specialists on the market. On top of that, there are also very high salary expectations, That's why many companies cannot afford them.
The recruiter thoroughly researched whether the company needs the SRE engineer, rather than the good DevOps specialist. A few moments after a detailed examination of the resumes, it was decided that the position was relevant for one of the candidates.
The position was successfully closed in record time! Only in 3 weeks.
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